As I’m sure most entrepreneurial spirits would agree, one of the happiest moments for an entrepreneur occurs once they’ve received the rewards from an obvious opportunity to increase profits through a cost-effective process. Well, that process is alive and well… And generating lots of profit for businesses all over the world. It’s called search engine optimization, or SEO for short.

Being a proud cohort of Generation Y, I was 10 years old when Google was founded, a 10th grader when MySpace gave me my own digital space and a freshman in college when Facebook took the world by storm. Now that my digital curiosity and marketing infatuation has lead me to internet marketing, I’m completely in tune with the times. To be more specific, I know the value of the digital world, especially when it comes to online marketing.

Although there are plenty credible statistics that prove the value and effectiveness of various online marketing channels, this post discusses the top 5 SEO statistics that local businesses can’t afford to ignore.

5 Astonishing SEO Statistics

1. 61% of global internet users research products online.

Are these users able to locate your products or services online? This statistic alone proves why having an online presence is critical to businesses in 2016.

2. There are 131 billion searches per month on the web.

Does your business show up on Google? Yahoo? Search engine usage is high and will continue to rise. SEO allows your business to claim its share of industry-related traffic and potential online sales.

3. 60 percent of all traffic goes to the top 3 results.

The first page of Google is a great place, period. Acquire one of the top 3 spots and you’ll really reap the rewards of ranking for a particular keyword.

4. 70% of search users click on organic search results, not paid.

Pay per click advertising is surely a way to instantly generate leads. However, as statistics suggest, search users are more interested in organic listings.

5. 75% of search users never scroll past the first page.

Simply put, if you’re not on the first page of search engines, primarily Google, you’re losing.


I'm an Digital Marketing Strategist with nearly a decade of experience in various digital marketing avenues, including but not limited to, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising and social media marketing.

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